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New Parts for IO-540 Engine

Engine builders looking for cost-effective components for newly constructed engines or overhauls have some additional options thanks to Engine Components, Inc. The San Antonio, Texas-based company has introduced a new idler gear assembly for the Lycoming O-540 series engines, further expanding its catalog of items for the six-cylinder engines.

This new gear, which carries an FAA-PMA (parts manufacturer approval) stamp, joins a wide range of components for the 540 series. It is among the more than 70 new part numbers, and more than 360 components the company makes for this engine family. Price with fuel-pump lobe is $608.70.

For more information, call 210/820-8101 or visit www.eci.aero.

7000 RVs Flying, 1000 RV-8s

The Hobbs meter on the Vans Aircraft web site recently registered the 7000th RV to fly and the 1000th RV-8 aircraft to take flight. That number represents an average of a new RV-8 (or its sibling, the tricycle gear RV-8A) in the air every fifth day since the design was introduced in 1996.

There are about 2000 RV-8/8As under construction, so it will probably continue to hold its place as one of, if not the most popular, tandem two-seat kit airplane ever, Vans says. Well over 3000 kits have been started, so new ones should continue to be flying with regularity.
The 7000th RV to graduate to flight was an RV-12. RVs have shipped to 45 different countries-including Texas.

For more information, call 503/678-6545 visit www.vansaircraft.com.

Glasair Sets Speed Record At Reno

lying his Glasair III at the 2010 National Championship Air Races in Stead, Nevada, Jeff Lavelle set a new Sport Class qualifying record at 362.481 mph.

Lavelles qualifying speed is not only faster than every one of the higher horsepower aircraft that qualified in the Super Sport Class, but it was also faster than more than half (14 of 24) of the entrants in the Unlimited Class, which includes multiple P-51 Mustangs, a Fockewulf, a P40 and an F4U Corsair.

Further, Lavelle propelled his Glasair III to First Place victories in every heat of the Sport Class races, including the Sport Class Gold race. Im proud to be a part of putting Glasair back in the winners circle, and I had a lot of fun doing it, he said.

Lavelles Glasair III is a factory stock airframe powered by a twin turbocharged Lycoming TIO-540 engine developed by Grant Semanskee of Snohomish, Washington.

The Glasair III kit is manufactured by Glasair Aviation in Arlington, Washington. The company also manufactures the Glasair and Sportsman kits.

For more information, call 360/435-8533 or visit www.glasairaviation.com.

Aerotherm’s Cell-Activated Preheater Switch Introduced

ilots living in the colder parts of the world have to decide whether to leave heating devices running constantly, or make the time to turn on the preheat devices well in advance of a flight. Now Aerotherm offers a third alternative, thanks to its new remote cellular phone switch.

This device, which is designed to turn engine preheaters on and off, actually works for any AC device. Its pretty simple, and pretty cool. Two circuits can be turned on or off through a phone call or a text message; there is no need to have operating landline phone service in the hangar-though cell phone service is required.

The switch works according to one of three schemes. You can pre-program the duration of preheat, call the device, and it will stay on for the period you’ve selected; there are no text charges associated with this mode. However, the unit will send a text message when it turns off again.

By using text messaging, you can tell the Switch to turn on and stay on. In addition, you can turn it on and specify how long it should stay activated. These modes require you to send a text message with the instructions. As in the other modes, the unit will send a text message when it has turned off.
According to the company, the T-Mobile SIM card that provides the cell/text-message connection should operate for 90 days at a cost of $10; there is no activation charge. The Switch itself sells for $399 with a one-year warranty and free shipping.

For more information, call 605/645-2006 or visit www.aerothermheaters.com.


Ace Aircraft Announces Anticipated Kit Pricing

Ace Aircraft, Inc. announced that Experimental/Amateur-Built kits of the updated Junior Ace Model E (the contemporary model) will be offered at $20,950. Kits of the updated Junior Ace Model 6 (the classic model) will be slightly higher.

Pricing is for taildragger E/AB kits will be firewall aft and include pre-welded fuselage, wing materials and fuel tanks, tires, wheels and brakes, seats and seat belts, windscreen, turtledeck and covering material. Avionics and instruments are not included.

Special and Experimental Light Sport prices are being evaluated and an announcement should be made soon. Ace Aircraft is not currently taking orders or reservations for these versions.

For more information and continued updates, call 706/886-6341 or visit www.aceaircraft.com.

Belite Adds Pricing Options

Belite Aircraft has announced two significant changes to its kit pricing structure, a new aluminum rib wing design and a tack-welded fuselage variation, both of which cut costs.

It is now possible to purchase a Belite kit, with aluminum spars and stamped aluminum ribs, along with a tack-welded chrome-moly fuselage, tail feathers and landing gear for $10,000.

The Belite ultralight aircraft is FAR Part 103 compliant, yet looks and flies like a real airplane, the company says. It may be built as a high-performance, single-seat utility Experimental aircraft.

Wing kit: The new wing design features aluminum stamped ribs, along with dual aluminum spars. As a result, wing life is extended over older wood-rib versions, Belite says. The aluminum/wood wing kit formerly sold for $2000, but this improved kit is priced at $1430 and is an ideal starting point for customers who want to get a feel for building their own airplane.
Fuselage: The new tack-welded chrome-moly steel fuselage offers significant savings over the fully welded version. For builders with welding skills, this is the best combination of factory jig setup and builder finish welding, Belite says. The fuselage requires the builder to finish weld, saving $1200 over a fully welded kit. Builders save, while the difficult job of cutting and alignment is completed at the factory.

The Belite Aircraft basic kit is now priced at $11,200 and includes the aluminum spar/rib wing kit and a fully welded fuselage.

For more information, call 316/253-6746 visit www.beliteaircraft.com.

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