Zenith Aircraft In the Process of Shipping Update Kits


Following the successful return to flight of the factory’s Zodiac kitbuilt aircraft on Dec 28, Zenith Aircraft is pushing hard to ship as many as 10 kits per day. According to Zenith’s Sebastien Heintz, “We are shipping the Upgrade Package kits to builders and owners. We are supplying them at $352 (which is below our cost).”Asked to estimate the labor hours required for the upgrade, Heintz said, “We recently completed the upgrade to our factory demonstrator Zodiac XL, but I don’t yet have a good number on the hours. Some A&P shops/builder assist centers are quoting as low as $2500 for all the upgrades.”For more information on the program, visit the company’s website. Zenith has also been hosting a blog for builders that includes an extensive running commentary plus video on the upgrades performed to the factory ship.


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