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The following items are feature articles from KITPLANES Magazine, supplements to content published in the magazine and other stories of note. This content is free to all visitors.

Aero 'Lectrics

Aviation-oriented wireless FM mic

Aero'Lectrics: Here's the promised solid-state landing light flasher.

Avionics and Electronics

Product Review: Glass Panel

Build Your Own EFIS, Part 3

Planning Panels, Part 1

Planning Panels, Part 2

Product Review: PS Engineering PMA5000EX

Build Your Own EFIS, Part 2

Build Your Own EFIS, Part 1

Planning Panels, Part 3

Get to Know the Parts

Vertical Power

Product Review: J.P. Instruments EDM-740

Headset Buyer's Guide, Part 1

SkyView to the Rescue

Headset Buyers Guide, Part 2

Headset Buyers Guide, Part 3


Engine Comparison, Part 2

Engine Comparison, Part 1

Auto Engines for Aircraft, Part 2

But Will It Fly the Plane?

Engine Comparison Spreadsheets

Pondering Powerplants

Turbo Power, Part 1

Fuel Cells, Part 2

Turbo Power, Part 2

Turbo Power, Part 3

Auto Engines for Aircraft, Part 1

Fuel Cells, Part 1

Fuel Cells, Part 3

Fixed Wing

Free Flight

Kitfox with a Rotec

Flight Review: Return of the Ultralight

Comp Air 8 SS52

Flight Review: Mustang II

KITPLANES' New Airplane: The 18-Day Sportsman 2+2.

Family Legend

SeaRey LSX Amphibian

Velocity, Increased

Europa Returns!

Zenith STOL CH 750

Sequoia Falco: Wings of Desire

Lancair Evolution

Roll Your Own

Flight Review: Mission Ready

Grinvalds Orion

ViperJet Redux

The Back Yard Flyer

Flight Review: Horse Perennial

The 18-Day Sportsman

Homebuilder's Portal by KITPLANES
subsonex-jet-snipAt AirVenture 2014, our team took a video tour of Sonex Aircraft's new JSX microjet. The company's John Monnett gave us an inside look at the jet's construction and performance.
groppo-trail-snipAt AirVenture 2014, Kitplanes got a look at the Groppo Trail, a new kit and E-LSA.
Rotax 912 iS SportIn April 2014, Kitplanes announced the new 914 iS, specifically tailored for the U.S. market. At the company's Wels, Austria headquarters, Kitplanes took a brief flight demo in an aircraft equipped with the new engine.
Garmin G3XGarmin's G3X glass cockpit for LSA and experimental aircraft has a touchscreen feature set and supports on-screen display and command for the Garmin VIRB action cam, plus it controls the GMC305 flight control/autopilot system.
dynon-toush-snipDynon Avionics brought its latest touchscreen system, the Skyview Touch. Dynon's Michael Schofield showed the system to Kitplanes magazine at Sun 'n Fun 2014.
rans-s20-snip-190x100At the Sport Aviation Expo in Sebring, KITPLANES got a good look and a demo flight in RANS' new S-20 Raven, an evolution of the popular Coyote kit/LSA series.
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