Buyer’s Guide 2024

On the cover: Here are just a few of the many different types of homebuilt aircraft listed in our annual Buyer’s Guide. Which one would you like to build? Table of contents Reno—the grit and…
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  1. I find the new format an awesome presentation . Some years ago Kitplanes had a similar format that had a few more operational specifics (fuel capacity , motor options , etc ) . I have subscribed to Kitplanes for many years , always comparing the operational numbers of my favorites . In the Air Force , for 26 years , and raising a family of 5 kids , never was there the opportunity to build financially or time wise due to frequent transfers . My specialty in the AF centered around Fighter aircraft avionics for 26 years . This I really enjoy the articles by Jim Weir . His “do it yourself” projects solve many of the “burr under the saddle” issues that make aviation pursuit more fun . Thank him for me .
    Phil Hiller


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