2015 Homebuilt Aircraft Directory

A brief overview of kit and plansbuilt fixed-wing aircraft and rotorcraft.


For those new to the field of homebuilding—welcome! For those looking at a new project who have already been in the world of Experimentals—welcome back! Our print and online Buyer’s Guides are ready to help you find the project or plane of your dreams. Whether you are scratch building from plans, looking for a kit, or want to compare airplanes against each other in order to buy a previously completed homebuilt aircraft, we hope that our Guides will be useful tools in your search.

In past years, KITPLANES® has separated kits and plans into two different Buyer’s Guides—three, if you count that we also offered a separate Rotorcraft Guide. This year, we are bringing them all together into a single issue to give you a one-stop shopping experience. While we would love to put all of the information for all airplanes into a single paper Guide, the truth is, the industry has so many designs that this would be prohibitive—hence, the creation of our online tool. Your purchase of this magazine automatically gives you access to the online Guide.

For many aircraft, in addition to complete specifications, you’ll also find links to related stories that have appeared in KITPLANES® about that particular model.

We hope you’ll give the online Guide a try. Searching for specific parameters and comparing two or three different models is easy in the age of the Internet.


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