Advanced Flight Systems Introduces Remote Audio Panel and AF-5000 Series Graphics Updates.



Advanced Flight Systems announced a new remote audio panel with class-leading features. Manufactured by PS Engineering for AFS, the new AF-PDA360EX-R features IntelliAudio True Dimensional Sound to let you hear multiple radios simultaneously—spatially separated in your headset.

Enhanced Bluetooth provides both music streaming capability and connection to your phone. Other features include legendary four-place hi-fi stereo IntelliVox intercom with Soft Mute, two stereo music inputs, split mode, and multiple other inputs. The AF-PDA360EX-R is compatible with the AF-5000 series. It is expected to be available Q3 2016 at a list price of $1,450.

AF-5000 Series Graphics Updates

The upcoming Advanced Flight Systems AF-5000 software release will feature improved display graphics, including updated colors for contrast and legibility, redesigned VSI and roll indicators, crisper fonts, and reduced clutter.


For more information, please contact Advanced Flight Systems at 503-263-0037 or [email protected]. Visit AFS at AirVenture or on the Web at


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