AeroTherm Engine Preheater Introduced


AeroTherm of Spearfish, South Dakota, announced that a new aircraft engine preheater was introduced in November 2004. The AeroTherm Aircraft Engine Heater System is a lightweight, portable electric heater that requires no propane tanks. According to the company, it recirculates air repeatedly through the engine compartment, ensuring that the engine heats up evenly instead of having to withstand the instense heat blasts delivered by propane heaters.
Tested in the harsh winter climate of South Dakota, the heater is capable of heating an engine, including the oil, in 3 hours at a 0 degree hangar temperature. It mounts to the aircraft via a nylon suspension band that attaches to the aircraft propeller.
The AeroTherm heater costs $299 (a 30-day money-back guarantee is available), can be used at 500-, 1000- and 1500-watt settings, and has hoses rated from -60 to 260 degrees. It features a built-in thermostat to shut off the air at the desired temperature and can be run on a common household timer.
For more information or to order, call AeroTherm at 605/645-0824 or visit


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