Approach Systems and Park Rapids Join to Produce Modular Wiring Systems


Approach Systems, manufacturer of modular plug-and-play wirings systems for homebuilt airplanes, announced that it has formed a joint venture with Park Rapids Avionics. The new company will be called Approach Fast Stack Systems, and it will develop and sell a line of avionics products for the industry.

Approachs modular wiring system interconnects avionics components with a central hub and ready-built cables for the majority of avionics available to homebuilders. Its designed to eliminate time and error from the hand wiring methods many at-home builders still use.

With your avionics mounted in the instrument panel, installing wiring in your new airplane or retrofitting your existing ship with the system is simple: (1) Select the Approach hub for your panel (basic, IFR or VFR). (2) Choose the ready-built cables for your particular avionics units. (3) Install the hub. (4) Plug in the cables between the hub and avionics. All cables are double-shielded and grounded at the hub to eliminate the possibility of ground loops.

According to Tim Haas, general manager for the new company, An average wiring system ranges from $1200 to $1500 depending on equipment, and the hubs range from $300 to $600. Each harness ranges from $79 to $289 depending on complexity and length.

Approach Fast Stack Systems will also serve as a dealer for all of the major avionics units on the market as well as for many of the smaller Experimental-only avionics companies. For more information on the company’s systems, visit or call 218/237-STAK.

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