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Bob Hadley
Bob Hadley is the R&D manager for a California-based consumer products company. He holds a Sport Pilot certificate and a Light-Sport Repairman certificate with inspection authorization for his Jabiru J250-SP.

Home Shop Machinist

Kermit Weeks hangar—EAA’s home shop.

Garage Shop on Steroids

Garage shop on steroids.

Home Shop Machinist

Cutting aluminum on the table saw.

Home Shop Machinist

Machines! Part 2.

Home Shop Machinist

Machines! Part 1.

Quick Mount for a Handheld

Home shop machinist

Home Shop Machinist

Using tools to make tools. Bob Hadley.

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Riding the Radial Rocket RG

The Radial Rocket TD already had a following, but with some tweaking and the addition of retractable gear, the new Radial Rocket RG is poised to take off. By Ed Kolano.

Taming the Lancair IV

Vortecx winglets make a glass speedster faster, slower, and safer.

Maintenance Matters

Most homebuilt aircraft use control cables, so it’s helpful to understand how to select, install and maintain them. By Steve Ells.

Cleco Pads

I recently painted the glareshield section of the top forward fuselage skin before...