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LightSPEED Aviation Announces Improvements to Zulu ANR Headset

A lot of buzz has surrounded LightSPEED Aviation's newest ANR headset, the Zulu, introduced at AirVenture 2007, with the first sets shipping in September...

Flight Guide Online Announces Streamlined Web Site

When the online version of Flight Guide made its debut right before AirVenture 2006, it brought the venerable brown-covered paper resource to life. A...

Sun N Fun News: Friday Products

The Zaon Flight Systems signage advertises that its XRX traffic collision system plays well with others. The monochrome LCD display of the XRX comes to life when interfaced with third-party systems such as the Garmin 396/496, AnywhereMap, VistaNav, TrueFlight, among others. Pre-396 Garmins wont work because of their inability to process the Mode S TIS data, but Zaon notes the interface will work on the 396 and newer. The XRX unit retails for…

Sun N Fun News: Products Galore!

Aerox Aviation Systems unveiled a photoluminescent O2 gauge and flowmeter this week, sporting a fresh patent received the previous Friday. Made of the same kind of material used for exit strips on commercial airliners, the inflight glow will last up to 32 hours. We like the upgrade just for the preservation of your night vision-no more O2 level checks with the flashlight. The O2 gauge retails for around $32, and the flowmeters retail price is…

Kitfox Rights Acquired by Sport Plane, LLC

In a history punctuated by swirling eddies of ownership changes, bankruptcy and rebirth, another chapter of the Kitfox story opened on April 7, 2006, when John and Debra McBean purchased the SkyStar assets including the tradenames, tooling, engineering and rights to produce the Kitfox designs. The McBeans own and operate Sport Plane LLC, which specializes in builder assistance, service, sales and aftermarket parts for sport aircraft. …

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