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Ed Wischmeyer is a Van’s RV-8A owner and a vocal proponent of good handling qualities. He has written a number of flight reviews for this magazine and come away fairly impressed with many of those aircraft.

AirCam Inspection and Pre-Delivery Blues

The prospective buyer sent out Tyler Henshaw to inspect the AirCam before purchase and delivery. Henshaw knew something about Rotax engines (a plus), flies...

AirCam Country—Past and Future?

The AirCam has been for sale not quite since I got it, but almost. Let’s face it: In the competition for least practical airplane...

Jeppesen Introduces Mobile

If you have a phone or PDA with a Microsoft OS, you might well be interested in the WingX software now marketed by Jeppesen...

First Day at Sun 'n Fun

Puddles and mud from recent rains made lots of work for dedicated volunteers and confused parking for attendees at Sun 'n Fun. A pair...

Van’s RV-8: Sport Plane Standard Setter

Although the RV-8 debuted 12 years ago, author Ed Wischmeyer flies a splendid builder example and notes how the design has fared over the years; by Ed Wischmeyer.

Van’s RV-8: Sport Plane Standard Setter

The RV-8 arguably is the standard sport plane of our era. As we went to press in early July, there were 714 RV-8s flying among the 5200 RVs of all types. The only models with larger fleets samong RVs are the -4 and the -6/6A. It trails the -4 by 500 units, but you could easily see the RV-8 making up the gap in its lifetime, especially now that the whole kit is built with pre-punched (or matchhole) components. It has set the standard--in performance and handling--for today's sport planes.

Kitfox Super Sport

With 4000 kits sold, a million hours flown and a loyal customer base, you just knew that the Kitfox would somehow find itself back in production. It's been out after the previous company, SkyStar Aircraft, went bankrupt in 2005, leaving builders in the lurch.

Homebuilt vs. Certified

Seemingly two peas in a pod are the GlaStar and its factory-built derivative, the OMF Symphony. We flew both of these wonderful two-seat aircraft to get a handle on what either FAR Part 23 certification or the freedom of homebuilding means to those facing such a delectable decision. By Ed Wischmeyer

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The Proof Is in the Putting

Putting it on the hangar roof and wiring it to the airplane, that is....

Stressing Structure

Load distributions, part 1.

All about Avionics

Panel Upgrades—making the cut. By Stein Bruch.

Around the Patch

Editor-in-Chief Marc Cook discusses the mood at the annual AOPA gathering, where he found an upbeat vibe, cautious optimism about the FAAs pending homebuilding rules changes, and a positive announcement from Glasair Aviation.