Jeppesen Introduces Mobile


If you have a phone or PDA with a Microsoft OS, you might well be interested in the WingX software now marketed by Jeppesen and introduced today at Sun ‘n Fun. For $169 the first year, you get graphical weather, TAFs, winds aloft, a complete Airport Facilities Directory and JeppGuide with one-touch dialing for FBOs. You also get FARs with Jeppesen FAR Explained, weight and balance with nearly 500 planes already in the database (but no homebuilts, and not my Cessna 175), sunrise/sunset, and a section that keeps track of all your currencies—tailwheel, IFR, BFR and more. Blackberry will be next, and then iPhone. After the first year, renewals are $129. And if an Internet download gets interrupted, you don’t have to start over from the beginning.

WingX is at, and the manual for the Jeppesen version and FAQ are at


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