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2009 Rotorcraft Buyer’s Guide

In Part 3 of our Annual Buyer's Guides, we present a variety of homebuilt rotorcraft, among which are some Light Sport gyroplanes; compiled by Julia Downie.

2009 Plansbuilt Buyer’s Guide

There will always be people who want to fly, but who are looking for a more economical way to own their own aircraft. Plansbuilts offer an attractive option, and this year we give the specs and photos for some 175 designs you can build from scratch; compiled by Julia Downie.

In Case You Missed it

Ask the DAR

This month our DAR answers questions about the size and placement requirements for N numbers on Experimental aircraft.

Cutting Aluminum on the Table Saw

The first time I watched someone cut a one-inch thick slab of 7075...

Nothing New

Apparently having done something evil in a former life, I’ve been consigned to toil...

Unusual Attitude: GPS and Reality

While he admires and uses them, author Norm Ellis laments the lack of user-friendliness in todays GPS units. Editor Marc Cook counters that argument and extols the virtues of GPSes, complications or no, and their value in the cockpit.