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Angle of Attack Instruments Acquired by Advanced Flight Systems

 Advanced Flight Systems, Inc. (AFS), manufacturer of the ACS2002 digital engine monitoring system, announced the acquisition of the AOA Pro and AOA Sport angle...

Chelton Aviation Adds Altitude Preselect to Autopilot

 Less than a year after introducing its AP-3C general avaition autopilot, Chelton Aviation has enhanced its product by making it the first GA autopilot...

AeroTherm Engine Preheater Introduced

AeroTherm of Spearfish, South Dakota, announced that a new aircraft engine preheater was introduced in November 2004. The AeroTherm Aircraft Engine Heater System is...

Avemco To Insure Pilots Transitioning to GlassCockpits

Avemco Insurance Company announced that insurance coverage for pilots transitioning to glass-cockpit aircraft will be available, provided they participate in formal training in the use of the new avionics. The move comes following discussions with aircraft manufacturers, flight training organizations and vendors of training materials for the new avionics. …

Unison Unveils Autolite XL Fine Wire Spark Plugs

Unison Industries announced its new Autolite XL Fine Wire Aviation Spark Plugs, which add to the line of general aviation spark plugs offered by...

December 2004

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