Doug Rozendaal

Right place, right time. Thats Doug Rozendaals kinda luck this month. Quite simply: He was at AirVenture, the Lancair Evolution was at AirVenture…seems like a flying opportunity to us. Dougs vast experience with turbine aircraft and familiarity with hot rock homebuilts didn’t quite prepare him for the Evolution, which stalls like a Cherokee 140, he says. Read the rest of the report starting on Page 8.

Dick Starks

Leave it to the irrepressible Dick Starks to infiltrate a movie set under the guise of providing a WW-I replica aircraft, and then proceed to cause trouble, befriend everyone but the director and impress even the catering folk with his singular sense of humor. Thankfully, he literally lived to tell the tale. His side of the story, which hes sticking to like a palmful of PRC, starts on Page 18.

Richard VanderMeulen

Were going to call out Big Man Richard for his accomplishments getting this months cover shot and the accompanying Lancair Evolution photos. Way back in time, it was common for us to stuff many covers and features into the old Brownie at Oshkosh and Sun n Fun, but we’ve gradually left that behind because of time constraints and gnarly logistics, which we were reminded of this summer. Nevertheless, Richard pulled off a beautiful set despite the weather, the crowds and the bugs.

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