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Marino Boric
Marino learned to fly at the age of 15 and earned a glider license at 16. He later graduated as an aeronautical engineer, acquired both a PPL and CPL/IFR, and also flew as a military pilot. He studied scientific journalism and is working today as a professional aviation journalist and editor. Marino has built several Experimental aircraft and is the editor of the World Directory of Leisure Aviation catalog.

Birds of a Different Feather

Flying Legend’s Tucano replicas are a far cry from the common Experimental.

In Case You Missed it

Best Practices – Workshop Safety

A safe workshop is a happy workshop.

To Bead or Not to Bead?

There is no question.

Alternate Air Opening

This was discovered on an aircraft during a condition inspection. It really was a...

Light Stuff

The Australian developers of the Jabiru engine wanted to build a sport airplane. But when their original engine choice went off the market, they developed its replacement, too. By Dave Martin.