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Matt Johnson is a private pilot who is currently building his first kit aircraft, a Van’s RV-7A. He is the C.T.O. for a technology firm and lives with his wife, Melissa, and two kids in San Antonio, Texas.

The Garage Mahal

If the RV-7 turns out half as well as the workshop in which it is being built, itll be a winner. By Matt Johnson.

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Down To Earth

The founders of the Solar Impulse Project build on their successes with a planned around-the-world flight and a stopover at the Paris Air Show. By Amy Laboda.

Using a Volt-Ohm Meter

Because of their extremely low operating current, digital multimeters do not do a...


Weight ReductionI enjoyed David Paule's article about saving weight in aircraft construction . However,...

Flight Review: Return of the Ultralight

A few hours piloting the Belite may make you reconsider your preconceived notions about ultralight aircraft. By Ed Wischmeyer.