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Myron Nelson soloed at 16 and has been a professional pilot for over 30 years, having flown for Lake Powell Air, SkyWest Airlines, and Southwest Airlines. He also flies for the Flying Samaritans, a volunteer, not-for-profit organization that provides medical and dental care in Baja California, Mexico. A first-time builder, Myron currently flies N24EV, his beautiful RV-10. He has also owned a C-150 and a Socata TB-9.

Rabbit Holes

Conquering unforeseen challenges when building, flying, and maintaining an aircraft.

Experimental Maule?

One of the inherent pleasures of OSH are the little gems, rarities, and curiosities that one can stumble upon. One of those present this...

A Legend Passes

Of the half a million or so aviation fanatics who will pass through the gates of Oshkosh in a couple of weeks, there are...

A Good Samaritan

An RV-10 does heavy labor alongside certified muscle for a good cause.

NEXRAD for Kit Aircraft Drivers

Free access to weather information can be a tremendous safety tool for wise, cautious pilots.


A tongue-in-cheek look at acronyms and other vernacular used in aviation.

Error Chain Follow-Up

Prop governor failure-the rest of the story.

Error Chain

Prop governor failure-everything was wonderful, right up until it suddenly wasn't.

In Case You Missed it

Light Stuff

A bit of Brazil: Dave Martin flies the Paradise P-1 SLSA at the Sebring LSA Expo show.

Editor’s Log

Building again!

Understanding and Avoiding Spins

A pilots ability to recover from a spin depends just as much on the design characteristics of the airplane as on stick-and-rudder skills.

Ask the DAR

Previously certified aircraft, ultralights, motorgliders and N-numbers. Mel Asberry.