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Sid "Scroll" Mayeux has over 25 years of experience in aviation training, safety, and risk management in the military, civilian, airline, and general aviation sectors. He currently trains Boeing 777 pilots, and he built and is flying a Van's RV-7A.

Preparing for Flight Test Unknowns

Admit it: We're all amateurs. Unless we're actual test pilots, none of us are test pilots. Yet, when we sign the checks for those...

Risky Business

Knock it off.

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Totally tubular: Tips for tube notching.

Maintenance Matters

Changing your oil.

Ed Zaleski 1947–2019

Ed Zaleski was in so many KITPLANES® photos that he should have been on the payroll.

The Future of Homebuilding: Engines

The future is going to look a lot like the present when it comes...