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Jon Humberd
Jon is a Tennessee farmer who enjoys airplanes. His notable achievement is building/flying the popular Super701 from a 300-foot farm strip. He loves demonstrating the plane’s capabilities, including competing in events like the National STOL Series, with the best overall score at Sun ’n Fun ’21. Jon also helps other Zenith builders through consulting.

Building the 750SD XTREME: Part 10

Overcoming builder’s block and exhaust modifications.

Building the 750SD XTREME: Part 9

Change of seasons & modifications.

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Down to Earth

When pilot/builder Amy Laboda planted the seed in her husband's mind that the most suitable next airplane for them would be a glass-panel RV-10, the suggestion was met with something akin to a sneer-despite her sincere offer to help with the build. Still, the project has turned out to be a joint effort, complete with all the give and take one would anticipate in such an endeavor.

Light Stuff

After studying Experimental aircraft, the National Transportation Safety Board developed 16 recommendations. Roy Beisswenger outlines the good, the bad and the still-needed.