Avemco Offers Hull/Liability Insurance for Part-time CFIs


Avemco’s Jim Lauerman was honestly happy announcing the insurance company’s newest product for flight instructors Friday morning at Sun ‘n Fun. The program is designed specifically for CFIs who own their own airplanes and want to give occasional instruction (such as someone with a kit aircraft who might want to do some transition training work with other builders). The program will allow the flight instructor to simply call Avemco to add the student pilot as a named insured on the airplane’s policy, without forcing the CFI/owner into a commercial policy that costs four or five times what a typical leisure/business policy costs.

Lauerman was quick to point out that the program is not designed for the active CFI with several concurrent students, and that the company will recommend another policy to CFIs who are trying to use it under those conditions. Still, the new program does offer an affordable solution for part-time flight instructors/aircraft owners who would like to teach a couple students each year.

For more information, visit Avemco.


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