Findlays Flyer

Improving the breed through the need for speed.

The Airplane Van Didnt Want to Build

How the RV-6 became the most successful kit aircraft yet.

The RV-6 Adventure

One man's tale.

The Oldest Flying RV-6

A brief conversation with the original builder/owner.

RV-6 Photography

From RV-6 photographer to RV-6 builder/pilot. By Ed Hicks.

Ten Years With A Time Machine

Life with a finished F1 Rocket.

2011 Rotorcraft Buyer’s Guide

In this last aircraft buyers guide of the year, we present the basic specs you'll need to get started if you're considering a kit gyro or helicopter purchase. Compiled by Marcie Moody.

Alternative Engine Buyer’s Guide

Heres a look at the alternative powerplants that are available for homebuilts as well as the PSRUs you may need. Compiled by Cory Emberson. Text by Marc Cook.

2010 Engine Buyer’s Guide

The first of our two engine guides looks at the more traditional aircraft powerplants. Compiled by Cory Emberson. Text by Marc Cook.

2010 Rotorcraft Buyer’s Guide

If your taste in aviation runs to the rotor, dig in to this years edition of the Rotorcraft Buyer's Guide which features a panoply of helicopter and gyrocopter models you can build from a kit or from scratch. Compiled by Cory Emberson.

In Case You Missed it

Ask the DAR

Licensing a partially completed project. Does major repair work count as building?

Metal Magic

Blocking and roughing. By Mark Lynn.

Aero ‘lectrics

Jim Weir takes a look at low-cost and free CAD software available to help you document modifications you've made to your aircraft.

Sizing an Avionics Cooling Fan

How much is enough?