Avionics Shop On a Box


Sportsman builder John Wood from New Hampshire built this structure to aid in the avionics installation.

He writes: “My thoughts behind it were that I’d have all my avionics and wiring tools on one side of the plane so to avoid constantly tripping over the nose wheel and getting up and down off a step stool I’ll build a comfortable working height platform with places to put tools and wiring. Mine is 18”. I’m on the shorter side so this seemed a good height. Obviously adjust and build around your plane as desired. I figure I’ll probably be at the wiring for a good amount of time so about 4-5 hours of time building this would probably pay for itself.

Only likely addition is an easel of sorts on the aft side of the shelves to put my wiring diagrams.”

See John’s project in the EAA Builder Log.


  1. An excellent idea!! It may seem like a lot of initial wood construction work but I know how valuable it can be when your aircraft construction work is easier. Nice work!


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