Belite Discounts Continue After Oshkosh


Among the special offers that Belite Aircraft continues to promote after AirVenture are the following: $2000 off a new ready to fly aircraft, including the aluminum fuselage design. Prices start at $16,500 ($14,500 with the show special). A deposit of $2500 is required.

Kits, both aluminum and steel, start at $6800, and the show special is $500 off. A $1000 deposit required.A limited supply of overstock steel fuselages are being sold for kits and for ready to fly aircraft. Current base prices are $12,000 and $15,000, kit and ready to fly. Various configurations are available.

A $20 rebate on Belite Electronics applies to all orders placed by August 31. You’ll need a rebate coupon, available on the web site.

You can also place an advance order for the new Fuel Line Water Detector that debuted at AirVenture.

Belite will also be making an appearance on the popular Discovery Channel television series MythBusters this fall, the company announced. When they know the air date, they’ll pass it on.

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Mary Bernard
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