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Beyerdynamic HS 800 Aviation Headset

Beyerdynamic, a German audio company, has introduced the HS 800 Digital, a new-class of aviation headset using DANR (digital adaptive noise reduction), which the company claims combines feedback and feedforward ANR for the first time in a digital system.

According to beyerdynamic, system-related disadvantages in ANR headsets such as background noise and limited capacity have been eliminated in its DANR headset. Feedforward digital control now makes it possible to adapt to high-precision frequency peaks. Additionally, the HS 800 is cushioned with viscoelastic and soft leather, and is protected with carbon fiber and anodized aluminum.

The HS 800 is available in three versions. The traditional version has two classic jack plugs; the rotor version features a spiral cable and U-174/U jack for helicoptors; and the six-pin version has a Lemo connector which, in addition to providing microphone and stereo headphones signals, provides the electrical system voltage that allows the headset to be used without batteries.

For more information, visit www.beyerdynamic.com.

Zodiac Meets 51% Rule

A five-person FAA National Kit Evaluation Team (NKET) concluded a two-day visit to Zenith Aircraft Company in Mexico, Missouri, and determined that the Zodiac CH 650 Light Sport kit does meet the FAA’s 51% rule. The FAA Production and Airworthiness Division (AIR-200) has added the Zenith kit to the List of Amateur-Built Aircraft Kits located on the FAA web site.

According to Zenith president Sebastien Heintz, "While we never doubted that the CH 650 kit meets the intent of the major portion [51% rule] requirement, it’s useful to have it officially recognized as such. We provide a significantly higher level of completion with the CH 650 kit compared to many kits on the market."

According to the company, the CH 650 is a second generation Light Sport Aircraft, developed specifically for Sport Pilots. This model offers a larger cabin area with more width and headroom, improved ventilation and visibility, and a new canopy latch system. The company offers both complete kits and "buy-as-you-build" component kits, as well as blueprints.

For more information, call 573/581-9000 or visit www.zenithair.com.

Jeppesen NavData Now Available For MGL Avionics

Jeppesen and MGL Avionics have entered an agreement wherein Jeppsesen will provide Jeppesen NavData and obstacle services for MGL Avionics systems as part of a total Light Sport and Experimental aircraft solution suite. According to Rainier Lamers, CEO of MGL, "Jeppesen and MGL Avionics have teamed to provide our customers with the most accurate and timely flight information available, including Jeppesen’s industry-leading navigational data."

Jeppesen NavData and obstacle services are available for the MGL EFISes, including the Enigma, Voyager and Odyssey. Coverage areas include the contiguous United States, East-Central U.S., West-Central U.S, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Eurasia, the Middle East, the Pacific region and worldwide.

For more information on Jeppesen, visit www.jeppesen.com. For more information about MGL Avionics, visit www.mglavionics.com.

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