Bob Alexander’s RV-7


On May 10, 2013 I made my first flight in my completed RV-7. After a decade of building it was finally time to experience the joy of flying this marvelous kit from Van’s Aircraft, and it did not disappoint! The plane flew perfectly and I have now completed the testing phase flying out of the Tacoma Narrows airport in Gig Harbor, WA.

My RV-7 includes an IO-360 engine from AeroSport, Hartzell blended airfoil prop, interior by Classic Aero, Lightspeed electronic ignition, TruTrak Digiflight autopilot, Advanced Flight System sport AOA, and a beautiful paint job by Dan & Linda Mauer of Red Bluff, CA. Thanks to EAA tech/flight advisors Marv Scott and Terry Burch.

Location: Fox Island, WA

e-mail address: [email protected]



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