Brazilian Hummingbird Gyros Come to North America

Carlos Guarilha, chief pilot for Helicopters International and Hummingbird dealer.

There are two major experimental gyrocopter companies in Brazil—Montalva and the upscale Hummingbird Industrial Aeronautica. Helicopters International of Winter Garden, Florida has taken on the role of marketing and selling the popular Hummingbird gyros in the U.S. and brought two aircraft to Sun ‘n Fun. There are two models, the single-place H1, powered by a Rotax 912 UL or 912 ULS, and the two-place H2 that also offers the Rotax 914 engines.

Hummingbird has sold 59 aircraft overseas, 57 in Brazil and 2 in Portugal. Aircraft numbers 60 and 61 are in the Hummingbird tent at Paradise City. Right off the boat, both gyros still need wiring to be 100% completed and flying. Helicopters International and Hummingbird will sell the gyrocopters as kits.They have already passed 51% certification in Brazil and the company is pursuing the same designation in the U.S.. Carlos Guarilha of Helicopters International observes that company personnel in Brazil can build a kit to completion in 6 days. He estimates an amateur could build the kit in 2 to 3 weeks.Hummingbird makes its own blades and the kit comes with a pneumatically controlled pre-rotator and blade brake.

Carlos, a high time commercial rotorcraft pilot, has flown the 2 place Hummingbird and declares it nimble and fun to fly, but very stable.The company is also planning to set up a gyrocopter training program for future customers.

Both the single place and the two place gyros cruise in the 60-80 mph range and have a ceiling of 10,000 feet. Introductory prices are expected to be about $45,000 for the single-seat and $65,000 for the two-place gyro.


  1. Esse sucesso se deve a seriedade e a qualidade depositada na construção dessas máquinas, o Brasil carecia de uma empresa séria igual a hummingbard, agora na América do norte, o sucesso está garantido, forte abraço a todos.

  2. Please send me more info on the Hummingbird gyrocopter. I live in Vermont and would like to explore these options. I would also like to know what the noise decibel levels are associated with the two gyrocopters are and experience flying one, if possible. Please let me know as soon as possible since summer approached soon in Vermont here and passes quickly.

  3. I would also like more information on the purchase of a 2 place Hummingbird. Will you be offering an enclosed model for flying in colder weather. I know Brazil is warm all year but here in the Northeast of the USA it does get cold in winter, as the gentleman from Vermont mentioned.
    Thank you for your help. Let me know if you need my address.


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