James Clark Camping at Sun ‘n Fun

James Clark with his RV-6.

James Clark, RV-6 builder, formation aerobatic performer, EAA Director and recently retired as President of South Carolina State University, is camping at SnF in his recently refurbished RV-6. With more time on his hands after 5 years at the helm of SC State, James decided it was time for more power under the cowling and more information on the panel.

After virtually wearing out his Lycoming O-320, James was searching for more horsepower that would fit in his cowling without cutting it up.The O-360 and the IO-360 would not fit without surgery and a new engine mount. Enter ECI who came out with the O-340, a stroked and higher compression version of the venerable O-320. It was not an easy transition, however. James had to go through several props and two fuel systems before he hit the sweet spot with a Whirlwind 200 RV prop, a P-Mag and an Airflow Performance fuel injection system.

After getting the power barn squared away, James overhauled his panel, using Grand Rapids EFIS screens. His avionics design and installation was greatly aided by his friend and neighbor, Scott McElroy. Enjoying celebrity status within the EAA community, James is a virtual rock star in the RV crowd. Many of his admirers are getting a chance to finally catch up with him at SnF Homebuilt Camping.


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