October 2022

On the cover: Axel Alvarez flies the RV-15 engineering test prototype over Oregon. The aircraft is the first high-wing design from Van’s. Photo by Bernardo Malfitano. Table of contents 50 Years of Success: What it takes not just to survive but thrive as a kit manufacturer. Van’s—The Middle Ages: Personal memories from a long career […]

September 2022

On the cover: Tricycle gear and taildragger versions of Sling’s new High Wing fly in formation near Johannesburg, South Africa. Photographed by Bruce Perkins. Table of contents Sling High Wing: It’s the upside-down Sling! Avionics Boot Camp—Engine Monitors: Good options, but the installation is more important than the model. Mike and Laura Starkey’s RANS S-21: […]

August 2022

On the cover: Chris Pryce flies his “KR-2S ish,” a highly modified, stretched KR-2S that is powered by a Corvair engine. Photographed by Jon Bliss near McMinnville, Oregon. Table of contents The KR at 50: Celebrating five decades of Ken Rand’s smooth, light, fast homebuilt Stick to the Plans: On his RV-7, Tony Kirk literally […]
Kitplanes July 2022

July 2022

On the cover: Herrill Davenport flies the Golden Nugget, which was built by his father between 1965 and 1967. Photographed near Boulder, Colorado, by Julia Apfelbaum. Table of contents As Good as Gold: Herrill Davenport’s Golden Nugget is one of a kind. Second Time Charm: Getting started on the Zenith CH 750 Super Duty. 2022 […]

June 2022

On the cover: Former military test pilot Franco Moraci in a Flying Legend Tucano R. Photographed by Marino Boric near Marina di Modica on the south Sicily coast. Table of Contents Birds of a Different Feather: Flying Legend’s Tucano replicas are a far cry from the common Experimental. No Limits! Marco Cherubini is a paraplegic, […]

May 2022

On the cover: Way back in 1995, Marc Cook showed off the sleek lines of his recently completed Pulsar XP. Photographed by Mike Fizer along the Southern California coast. Table of contents Buying Used—the Pulsar XP: A popular homebuilt from the 1990s remains viable, if somewhat rare, today. Tour de Brodhead: It’s not a race! […]

April 2022

On the cover: Chris Hill patrols the skies over Gerogia in his plans-built, Le Rhône-powered Fokker Dr.I Dreidecker replica. Photographed by Julia Apfelbaum. Table of Contents Blast From the Past: Chris Hill’s Dr.I replica is as close as you can get to an actual 1917 Fokker Dreidecker. Homebuilt Accidents—Emergency Landings: Pilot skills become critical when […]

March 2022

On the cover: Outstanding workmanship is evident throughout Darwin Barrie’s Grand Champion RV-7. Photographed by Jon Bliss over Arizona’s Superstition Mountains. Table of Contents Finding the Proper Prop: Which propeller is right for your homebuilt? Constant-Speed Props: How do they work? Going for Gold: Darwin Barrie’s RV-7 takes home the gold. Dealing With Off-Nominal: Part […]

February 2022

On the cover (clockwise from upper left): Rotax 912 ULS, Superior Air Parts XP Series, ADEPT Airmotive V-6, AC-Aero Centurion, Verner Scarlet 9S, Barrett Performance Engines IO-540 and PBS TJ100 turbojet. Table of contents Find the Perfect Powerplant! There are plenty of choices in our annual directory. Flat four-stroke gasoline Inline and V four-stroke Radial […]

January 2022

On the cover: Since its first flight in 1986, Paul Cox has logged more than 3300 hours in N80PC, his second plans-built Mustang II. Photographed by Richard VanderMeulen. Table of contents A Tale of Two Mustangs: Paul Cox has 47 years and 4300 hours in the Mustang II. Prop Job: Building a one-of-a-kind four-blade propeller […]

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Hiring Help With Avionics

Larry Anglisano makes the case for homebuilders getting professional assistance with complex avionics installations.

A Futuristic Anachronism

Ultimate experimenter Paul Lipps has used his own homebuilt, a Lancair 320, as a test bed for his many innovations, which include reflexed flaps, an ultra-long pitot tube for more accurate readings, a solar-powered fan for the cockpit, a cowl scoop for ultra cooling of the magneto, extremely close clearances between the spinner and the prop, and a one-of-a-kind propeller.

Ziggy’s New Engine

Adding a 180-hp Titan engine to a Legend Cub.