AeroLEDs Aircraft Lighting

Think Bright. We Do. Pulsar NSP Navigation/Anti-Collision Strobe/Position Available in Certified or Experimental TSO approved No power supply required 30,000+ hour MTBF 5-year warranty Designed & manufactured...

In Case You Missed it

Builder Liability and You

There are ways to protect yourself from lawsuits when you sell a homebuilt aircraft. These include accurate and complete documentation of the building process, adherence to manufacturers instructions during the build, a good record of safe flight over a period of time, third party liability insurance protection and a signed liability waiver.

2014 Engine Buyer’s Guide

Conventional engines—purpose-built for flight.

A Cautionary Tail

One Monday morning I opened an email from the second owner of a Onex....

Sling High Wing

It’s the upside-down Sling!