CGS Donates Original Hawk Prototype to Sun n Fun Museum


The original CGS Hawk prototype, which made its public debut at the 1982 Sun *n Fun Fly-in in Lakeland, Florida, will permanently reside where it all started, the company announced. Designer (and still company president) Chuck Slusarczyk announced that hes donated to the Sun *n Fun Museum.

When the Hawk was introduced, it caused a huge flurry of interest and initiated a bit of controversy as well. In an era when foot launching, open seating and two-axis controls were the norm, the Hawk stood out as one of the first ultralights with a more airplane-like configuration. It included standard features such as three-axis control, an enclosed cabin, struts, flaps and a steerable nose wheel. In weather conditions that grounded the rest of the ultralights during the airshow, CGS test pilot was able keep the Hawk flying, and the design won the Outstanding New Design award.

Twenty-four years later, CGS will again display the original Hawk at its booth during Sun *n Fun 2006. Following that appearance, CGS will deliver the ultralight to its permanent home at the museum. The company flew the airplane for 250 hours before retiring it in 1983. The museum will display the Hawk in as is condition with its original covers, engine and other components.

Oh, and CGS announced that any interested Sun *n Fun attendees are welcome to sit in the prototype for a photo op during the fly-in. For more information, contact CGS Aviation at 440/564-1214 or


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