Right-Angle Deburring Tool


Most of us have a threaded drill kit. Mine has an assortment of common bits like #40, 1/8 inch, etc. It also has a mini chuck and an extension. All the components are threaded 1/4-28.

Most of us also have a speed deburring tool with an extension. It’s also threaded 1/4-28. Hmm. I see a pattern here.

Recently, I was deburring the longerons and really needed a right-angle deburring tool to save my back. Necessity is the mother of invention, they say. I just so happened to have a right-angle attachment, but it didn’t fit the mini chuck. One 1/4-28 die and a few minutes cutting threads on the right-angle attachment’s shank, and I had exactly what I needed.

The right-angle attachment connects directly to the handle of the speed deburring tool. Put the deburring bit into the business end of the right-angle attachment where a threaded drill bit would normally go and deburr in comfort. The combinations here are endless. Use your imagination.

The threads only take up a little of the shank, so the right-angle attachment can still be put into a standard drill chuck for the usual needs.

To connect a right angle attachment to a speed deburring tool, you’ll need to use a die to cut -28 threads at the end of the attachment’s shank.

Thread a deburring bit into the right-angle attachment, connect a speed deburring handle, and you now have a right-angle deburring tool.


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