New KitLog Pro Adds Features, Online Hub for Builders


Aeroware Enterprises announced the release of the latest edition of KitLog Pro, v2.0. The program is a software-based organizational tool that allows an aircraft builder to create, archive, manage and display the entire construction process. The long anticipated release includes an entirely new look, added features, functions and flexibility and the ability to post construction logs to the internet.

Some of the basic features include the following: ability to create and maintain a detailed construction log highlighting individual tasks; an expense log sorted by user-defined categories; storage and organization of digital photographs; and the ability to print the log into a well-organized format to be used for FAA paperwork submission.

Also released is My KitLog, an online builder hub where registered KitLog Pro users can post their projects on the internet, free of charge. The My KitLog section of the company’s web site includes builders from around the world showcasing their latest projects, which can be searched by name, aircraft type or location.

To date, the company says more than 2500 copies of KitLog Pro have been sold. KitLog Pro v2.0 costs $49.95 and a 15-day free trial is available. For more information or to purchase a copy, visit the company’s web site, For additional questions, call 480/361-9011


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