Rick Reeses Safari

Id like to share a photo of my Safari Helicopter kit project. I received the FAA Airworthiness Certificate on February 24, 2009, after three years of construction. All thats left now is the factory checkout and flying off the first 40 hours. Im sure going to miss the building, but the flying is going to be a blast!

The construction log is available here and Id welcome any questions from current, past or potential Safari builders.

Seattle, Washington
[email protected]

Edward Pete Laframboises RV-7A

My RV-7A started life approximately 3.5 years ago in my basement. As the small pieces became larger pieces, the project was moved to our garage, and when we couldn’t park our cars in the garage anymore, finally to Middlebury State Airport (6B0). It has a Superior XP IO-360 engine with roller cam and cold-air induction. The prop is a Hartzell blended airfoil constant-speed unit. The panel has dual Dynons, TruTrak autopilot, Garmin 496 GPS, Garmin SL40 com radio, Garmin GTX 327 transponder and PS Engineering PM-3000 stereo intercom with music input. Painting is by J&M Aviation of Middlebury, Vermont. Its a truly beautiful aircraft, and Im looking forward to many years of fun with it.

New Haven, Vermont

Robert McGraths Sonex

After three years of construction (2500 hours), I flew Sonex N692RM for the first time on July 28, 2008, and flew a total of 7 hours before winter set in. At 87 years young, and having worked at Piper (Lock Haven), Wright, Goodyear Aircraft and Taylorcraft (Alliance, Ohio), I did not have any problems with the construction; however, the radio gave me big problems, because I knew nothing about it. My panel contains an Icom IC-A200 radio, Flightcom 403M intercom, Garmin GTX 320A transponder with encoding altimeter, a Stratomaster Ultra Horizon flight/engine instrument group and a Garmin 496 GPS.

I have dual controls, center brake, flap trim and throttle controls, 2-inch-lower seat, and taxi, strobe and position lights. The engine has the AeroVee carb and oil separator (to be installed). With a Private license and 300 hours, I had no problem with the first flight. Its very similar to a Cherokee, and I have to admit the landing gear is very forgiving.

My first wife had Alzheimers disease for 13 years, and I was able to get in 50 hours of construction before she passed. My new wife, who has helped me, has never flown in any aircraft, and we are planning a trip around the U.S.

Louisville, Ohio
[email protected]


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