LeRoy Cook

Our man in the Midwest paid an autumn visit to Mexico, Missouri, to sample the new Zenith STOL CH 750. LeRoy, whose finesse in an airplane is practically legendary, returned from the Show Me state with high praise for the new design. Were delighted to have LeRoy writing more for us lately, partly because hes an accomplished scribe, but also because he helps us mark our 25th Anniversary as a writer who was here from the start. His flight report begins on Page 8.

Julia Downie

This month we publish the penultimate of our four yearly Buyer’s Guides, all pulled together by the indefatigable Julia Downie. (Next month, we have an Engine Buyer’s Guide to tempt you.) Last year, this edition also contained a listing of ready-to-fly SLSA designs-not kits, not ELSAs-but we’ve deleted them from the magazine because, well, you asked us to. The rotorcraft guide begins on Page 22.

Dick Starks

You know, Dick just sees stuff differently from the rest of us, no sense trying to call it any other way. While the average KITPLANES staffer was eyeball deep in the display buildings at Oshkosh this year, Dick was outside (yes!) finding the true gems, curiouser stories and light-makes-right designs that are going to be ever more important in our brave new simplified world. Perfect. Dick has long since figured out how to have more fun per dollar than anyone we know. His story begins on Page 18.



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