Corn Roast



What a great way to end the day at OSH. Charlie Becker of EAA Headquarters sponsored a corn roast in the Homebuilt camping tent. The corn was absolutely delicious, having been picked fresh locally this morning! Of course there was a lot of fun shucking the corn ahead of time, and Jerry Fischer’s crack team of volunteers cooked and buttered the corn as fast as we all could eat it!

The camaraderie at OSH, especially in the Homebuilt camping area is outstanding, bar none, with many friends reuniting year after year. And it’s really cool to see some of the long-time attendees now being accompanied by their children and grandchildren, some of whom are clearly aspiring pilots!

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Vic Syracuse
Vic is a fixed-wing and helicopter commercial pilot, CFII with ASMEL/ASES ratings, an A&P/IA, DAR, and EAA technical advisor and flight counselor. Passionately involved in aviation for over 40 years, he has built 11 aircraft and logged over 10,000 hours in 72 different kinds of aircraft. Vic volunteers as a Young Eagle pilot, has his own sport aviation business called Base Leg Aviation, and has written two books on aircraft prebuy and condition inspections.


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