CubCrafters Introduces Emergency Aircraft Parachutes


BRS SystemLight aircraft manufacturer CubCrafters is announcing new emergency parachute systems for the company’s line of backcountry tailwheel airplanes. The systems, developed in conjunction with BRS Aerospace, will further advance safety in CubCrafters’ aircraft designs by allowing pilots a safe alternative in otherwise difficult emergencies.

“The Carbon Cub is already recognized as the safest backcountry aircraft available,” comments Randy Lervold, President of CubCrafters. “Its extraordinarily slow stall speed, fundamentally sound wing shape and vortex generators assure low-speed stability and maneuverability. The Carbon Cub’s super-strong protective cage around its occupants is best in class. Now, the addition of the BRS systems not only provides a proven life-saving technology, but also additional piece of mind for Carbon Cub pilots and passengers.”

The BRS parachute systems are offered on CubCrafters’ production Carbon Cub SS aircraft, as well as the company’s Carbon Cub FX Builder Assist model and their EX-2 kit. Systems are also available for retrofit on CubCrafters’ existing fleet of LSA and experimental aircraft. Three new BRS models are immediately available for these CubCrafters airplanes:

  • New production LSA aircraft, including the Carbon Cub SS, for gross weight up to 1,320 lbs. (1,430 lbs. on floats). For this configuration, the BRS system weighs 34.3 lbs. and is priced at $13,990 installed.
  • Retrofit on the existing fleet of LSA Carbon Cub and Sport Cub models, for gross weight up to 1,320 lbs. (1,430 lbs. on floats). This version weighs 41.4 lbs. and is priced at $15,990 installed.
  • Carbon Cub EX-2 and FX experimental aircraft for gross weight up to 1,865 lbs. This configuration weighs 43.5 lbs. and is priced at $11,990 as a kit, or $15,990

The new BRS systems require annual inspection, a parachute repack every 6 years, and a rocket refresh every 12 years. These services, as well as installation of retrofit systems on fleet aircraft, can be performed now at CubCrafters’ Yakima, Washington facility and at select CubCrafters Authorized Service Centers in the near future.

The new BRS system is the latest illustration of CubCrafters’ ongoing dedication to producing the safest aircraft possible. “As a light aircraft manufacturer, we feel it is incumbent on CubCrafters to offer proven mechanisms that contribute to product safety,” says Lervold. “The new BRS system is just another example of that commitment. It takes our already robust, reliable airplane design and makes it even safer.” Boris Popov, Founder and SVP at BRS adds, “Being in our 34th year of business, we have been, and continue to be involved with a wide spectrum of innovative aircraft designs.  There is no doubt that the Carbon Cub design, as successful as it is, will be even more so with the inclusion of the safety-enhancing BRS recovery parachute system”

The first CubCrafters BRS system has already been installed and delivered on a new Carbon Cub SS.

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