EAA To Hold Spirit Of Aviation Week

Image: EAA

The Experimental Aircraft Association (EAA) has announced that it will hold a weeklong virtual event to celebrate the aviation community in the wake of the cancellation of the organization’s annual AirVenture fly-in in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. According to EAA, the Spirit of Aviation Week will offer streamed and on-demand content that focuses providing aviation-related education, information and entertainment. In addition to featuring everything from airshow performers to military and space programs, the group says the event will showcase homebuilts, warbirds, vintage aircraft, aerobatics and ultralights.

“Nothing can replace the Oshkosh experience in-person during AirVenture week, as that event personifies the common passion we have for flight, in all its wonderful ways,” said EAA CEO Jack Pelton. “As unfortunate as it was that the cancellation of AirVenture 2020 took away that personal experience, countless people and groups have stepped forward to ask what they could do to virtually create something from Oshkosh that brings us together as aviators and aviation enthusiasts.”

Spirit of Aviation Week will take place July 21-25 at EAAtogether.org. EAA expects to publish an event schedule in the next few weeks. Highlights will include presentations, forums, and discussions, homebuilding workshops and tips, a virtual exhibit space, and stories from the EAA community.


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