FAA Approves Dreams Fastbuild Tundra Kit for 51%


Dream Aircraft, manufacturer of the Tundra kit aircraft, announced that the FAA has approved its recently developed fastbuild kit as legal per the regs of the major portion rule. According to Luc Pre*mont of Dream, the company has completed as much work as possible on the kit while ensuring it still adheres to the 51% rule.

The wings come nearly complete; the builder needs to install just one of the skins to close them. And it works the same for empennage and fuselage. Nearly all of the internal brackets and fittings come installed.

Dream estimates that it will take a builder about 300 hours to put the rest of the Tundra kit together, not including engine installation or instrument panel. Compare that to the 1000-hour estimate for the standard kit, and the time savings is significant.

Introduced in 2003, the Tundra is a high-wing, four-place utility airplane with a useful load of more than 1100 pounds. The all-metal plane features construction that can easily adapt to your choice of landing gear: build it as a taildragger or trigear, or install floats or skis.

Purchase of a fastbuild kit adds $18,705 to the base kit price of $33-$36K, depending on gear choice. For more information, contact Dream at 450/372-9929 (ext. 28) or visit http://www.dreamaircraft.com


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