Firewall Forward: The Oil Change


Let’s get started with the KITPLANES Firewall Forward video series, sponsored by the Tempest Aero Group. In this episode, our editor at large Paul Dye dissects the common oil change, offering tips on what to do and, more important, what not to do.

This series is sponsored by Tempest Aero Group.

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  1. I bought my 1960 172 from an A&P/IA and the first time I changed the oil and pulled the oil screens on the O-300D and put my fingers in to find any debris, I pulled out piston rings chunks. ………………………..My heart sunk lower than a snakes belly.

    Only after talking with my A&P/IA and querying the prior owner did I find out that, while installing a cylinder, he broke a piston ring and just let the parts fall down into the sump. Lesson learned. Thence reward I pull the screens and look and feel.

  2. Great video!

    One thing I like to do is to bend the lockwire “ears” up on the new oil filter before installing it. This makes it easier to thread the lockwire through the hole.

  3. I also fill the new filter with fresh oil prior to install. Yes, can lead to another mess if you don’t spin fast enough.

  4. Excellent voice audio quality! Thanks for using a lavalier mic! I get so tired of watching videos with poor audio quality in hangars with an echo.

  5. One other method to capture the oil from under the filter is to use the 36 inch long Form-A-Funnel. It works similar to the PVC pipe you describe but way easier to fit the flexible funnel under the filter and out the side of the engine to a suitable waste container. It’s worth every penny you will pay for it. Save money on the oil filter torque wrench and buy the funnel.


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