First Sportsman 2+2 Flies After Completing Builder Assist Program


David Codding of Santa Rosa, California, became the first builder to fly his own Sportsman 2+2 after completing much of the aircraft at Glasair Aviations Customer Assembly Center (CAC) in Arlington, Washington. Starting with a complete fastbuild kit, Codding spent a total of three weeks at the center working 8 hours a day, five days a week, with a crew of factory assistants. At the end of the three weeks, he ended up with an aircraft nearly ready to taxi.

Codding trucked the aircraft home where he completed the final tasks: installing the instrument panel, upholstering the seats, completing the hookup of his powerplant and painting the airframe. The FAA signed off on the project shortly afterward, and Codding made his first flight.

I think the reality is still sinking in, Codding said. It was inconceivable that anyone could build an aircraft like this in only four months, and yet I did it. Its really a tribute to the simplicity of the design, the way the factory was organized the construction and their incredible commitment to get it done.

Glasairs CAC program offers builders the chance to spend up to three weeks and the company’s facility working on factory jigs under the supervision of experience builders. The program is FAA approved and allows the builder to complete enough work to meet the 51% rule. For pricing or more information, contact the company at 360/435-8533 or visit


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