AirVenture Foothold Established!


Vic Syracuse is the first of our reporters to arrive at Oshkosh and he writes:

This is the earliest we have arrived at the BIG ONE! Looks like we beat the Van’s crew here, too. It was our first long flight in the RV-14 and I was really impressed. Speeds were about the same as in the RV-10, but we did miss the load carrying ability of the 10! When carrying only two people it is truly an aerial SUV!

The Oshkosh Welcome Wagon – Brad and Tom.

When we landed we were met by the exact same Welcome Wagon crew as last year (Brad and Tom)! I wasn’t convinced they really went home since last year, as they are clearly having too much fun! The grounds look to be in great shape and there are already lots of volunteers hustling around. I hope to see many of you here soon.


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