FreeFlight Introduces RANGR 978 MHz ADS-B

RANGR Transmitter with GPS. The RANGR-E unit will look identical.

FreeFlight Systems has debuted its line of RANGR 978 MHz ADS-B products including ADS-B transmitters, transmitters with WAAS GPS, transceivers and transceivers with WAAS GPS. The final FAA rule dictates that an ADS-B compliant system must have a high integrity position source and a radio that sends specific information from that position source to ATC. The easiest way to achieve this requirement is to pair a TSO-C145/C146 WAAS GPS with an ADS-B approved transmitter. Further, 978 MHz compliance requires a small control head for entering squawk codes.

The RANGR family allows customers the most flexibility by offering complete stand-alone solutions with certified GPS and 978MHz transmitter all-in-one or separate, modular solutions to interface with existing systems in the aircraft.

The FreeFlight TSO RANGR family is designed for certified aircraft; the non-TSO RANGR-E family is designed for Experimental aircraft and includes a transmitter, transmitter with GPS, transceiver and transceiver with GPS. All are designed and tested to meet the final requirements for ADS-B including TSO-C154c for the 978 MHz transmitter and TSO-C145 for the GPS, but will not actually hold a TSO.

For Experimental category aircraft the certification process for ADS-B systems is expected to follow the model of other “for credit” equipment having a safety impact on surrounding aircraft, such as transponders, the company says. The easiest way to receive ADS-B approval and installation approval is to use TSO equipment. However, equipment that meets the minimum standards but does not carry a TSO may suffice because FreeFlight Systems offers TSO units and can therefore legitimately “self certify” that the non-TSO product is identical. In addition to installation approval, this also ensures the integrity of the system and will ensure that the equipped aircraft receives the most accurate, complete and useful ADS-B “in” information. To gain full credit for ADS-B, the customer need only add an approved control head, which is offered as an option, to the 978 MHz transmitter. All RANGR-E systems can be upgraded to full TSO versions.

All of the RANGR products are designed to provide the pilot with all the additional benefits of ADS-B including TIS-B, ADS-R, extended ATC coverage, search and rescue coverage and flight tracking.  In addition, the RANGR family will provide services only offered on 978 MHz including FIS-B, fleet tracking and other future services.

“We believe that our customers want to realize the full safety benefits of ADS-B “Out” along with the value added free traffic and weather services available though ADS-B “In,’” said Tim Taylor, president and CEO of FreeFlight Systems. “To make sure this is true today and for the future, we have made our systems fully compliant with the final ADS-B rules and installation criteria since we know that the FAA will ultimately only provide these services to fully compliant aircraft.”

The RANGR-E products price and availability is:

RANGR-E Transceiver/GPS $3495 Q2, 2011

RANGR-E Transceiver $2495 Q2, 2011

RANGR-E Transmitter/GPS $2995 Q1, 2011

RANGR-E Transmitter $1995 Q4, 2010

RANGR-E  Receiver $1200 Q3, 2010

For more information, visit Free Flight also has a display at Oshkosh/AirVenture (Booth 2157) through August 1.


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