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Midwest Sport Aviation, LLC has been named the sole distributor for a new entrant to the Light Sport Aircraft field, the Cheetah XLS by Rainbow Aircraft Pty Ltd. The Cheetah will be available as a quickbuild kit until the SLSA certification process is completed, the company says.

Aptly named, the Cheetah earned a reputation as a rugged flier in its native South Africa. The two-seat, high-wing, tube-and-fabric airplane combines classic looks with durability and ease of construction, the company says. Empty weight is 617 pounds (with no options), and the engine options include the 85-horsepower Jabiru 2200, 65-hp Rotax 582 or 100-hp Rotax 912S. Fuel capacity is 24.8 gallons. Cruise speed (at 65%), depending on engine choice, ranges from 95 to 105 mph.

Kits are priced at $21,950, with an estimated completed price of $35,000 with the Jabiru engine, the company says. For more information, call 608/467-0233, or visit the web at www.MWSportAviation.com. A direct link can be found at http://www.kitplanes.com/.


Jeppesen has announced that it will provide direct-to-the-customer nav data and
obstacle data updates for Chelton Flight System avionics. The new agreement will allow easier access to Jeppesen data and provide customers with the option of bundling services under one account. Previously, the Jeppesen updates had been managed by Chelton. Chelton owners will require no additional hardware to use the update service. Once registered with an account, users will be ready to receive updates every 28 days.

Services include national and international nav and obstacles data (in separate
packages and priced separately), as well as worldwide data for both nav and obstacles. Annual subscription fees range from $455 to $885 per service.

For more information, call Jeppesen at 800/621-5377 or email [email protected].


Axis Products, Inc. is introducing its Citation and Citation Pro combined HVLP paint sprayer and respirator system. The sprayer plus fresh-air respirator is designed to be easy to operate and reliable, supported by an assertive customer service policy.

The Citation is built with two separate pumps for dependable, dedicated air for both breathing and spraying combined together in one integrated and portable system, providing one unit, two tools.

The unit is available with half or full face mask or painting hood, one- or two-person respirator, spraying gun in bottom or gravity feed, three- or four-stage turbine power, 3M PPS cup system with disposable liners, 40-foot hoses on both sprayer and respirator and one-year warranty. Prices start at $1099.

For more information, call 847/683-9025, or visit www.axispro.com. A direct link can be found at www.kitplanes.com.


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