New Oil Thermostat for Rotax 912 Engines


ThermoStasis has introduced an oil thermostat designed to regulate the oil temperature of Rotax 912 series engines installed in Experimental aircraft. CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum, the unit incorporates a calibrated thermal motor, an O-ring compression seal, aircraft quality components and fasteners, and is available with 190°F or 205°F operating temperatures.

Installing an oil thermostat provides a number of benefits including fuel cost savings from reduced warmup times and engine operation at higher oil temperatures, which may extend engine life by boiling off engine oil contaminants. An oil thermostat also offers a shorter, less restrictive flow path for cold engine oil when it’s most needed during cold starts, the company says.

The unit weighs 6.2 ounces and measures 2.1×1.5×2.4 inches. It can be secured to a bracket or Adel clamps by AN3 bolts using the two 3/16 inch diameter mounting holes. It has 3/8 inch NPT ports and is designed to be used with AN840 and AN844 aircraft fittings.

The unit can be purchased from Aircraft Spruce & Specialty, from ConAir Sports Ltd. in the U.K. or from X-Air Australia in Australia and New Zealand. MSRP is $129.

For more information and downloadable data sheets, visit


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