Frugal Reno Racing

George and Lori Ford with their RV-8 (43) and Alisha and Axel Alvarez with their RV-4 (87).

Okay, airplane racing is never cheap but Sport Class racers are generally on a budget, unlike their Unlimited brethren, so they look for ways to minimize their expenses. With the “Metal Mafia” (RVs) and some other Sport Class planes booted out of their previous hangar home due to new ownership, the pits are out in the blazing sun with no race-provided resources. But, the legendary RV-community spirit has risen to the occasion.

Two RV, Medallion-class pilots, Axel Alvarez and George Ford, teamed up to share resources this week. They are sharing a trailer/workshop, tools, chairs, snacks, shade, and crew in an effort to minimize redundant expenses. They have dubbed themselves Team 130, the sum of their two race numbers.

Metal Mafia community tent.

To deal with the direct sunlight over the pits, the “Metal Mafia” (the preferred nom de plume of the RV crowd at Reno) pitched-in together to rent a large tent as a common gathering area. While empty in the cool of the morning, it’s value will be clear come in the afternoon heat… or today’s afternoon thunderstorm. Not everything is about competition at Reno!


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