Fueling Math

Golf carts drag the conventional-gear Pitts by their tailwheels.

If you are flying a light plane at Reno, there are two things that you ABSOLUTELY do not want to happen.

  1. You do NOT want to run out of fuel before the end of each race;
  2. You do NOT want to carry unnecessary weight.

Thus, it makes sense that first thing most racers on their way back to the pits is fuel for the next race. As the planes taxi towards the pit area, the golf carts dragging them back home first line up and stop next to the fuel truck on the ramp where the pilot carefully watches to ensure the “perfect” amount of fuel is added. No pilots are darting off ordering “top off” or “to the tabs.” To much financial and sweat equity has been put into this week to cut corners on this task. Once fueled, the planes are hauled back to their pit for some further tender-loving care.

Tricycle-gear Lancairs are towed to the fueling stop and pits by their nosewheels.


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