Glasair Aviations Two Weeks-To-Taxi Program Expands to Include Vans RV-7 and RV-10 Aircraft


 Growing from a program centered on Glasair Aviations Sportsman 2+2, a new subsidiary company, Two Weeks To Taxi, LLC, has been formed to continue the Sportsman program but has also added the Vans RV-7 two-place and RV-10 four-place aircraft. As with the Sportsman program, builders will work in the firms Arlington, Washington, factory alongside trained technicians who will be working from a strictly controlled build plan in order to bring the airplane to a taxi-test-ready state in two weeks. The program is slated to begin in the first quarter of 2008.

Also, as with the Sportsman program, the number of options for both RVs will be limited to help improve parts commonality and reduce build time. Four avionics suites will be offered, two primarily VFR and two IFR; the panels will be centered on Advanced Flight Systems AF-series EFIS and engine monitor products. The two lower priced panels will have a single combined EFIS/engine monitor, while the two top choices will have separate (but networked) boxes.

In addition, the powerplant choices are limited to factory new Lycomings-an IO-540-D4A5, 260-hp parallel-valve engine turning a Hartzell constant-speed prop in the RV-10 and a carbureted Lycoming O-360 for the RV-7 driving a fixed-pitch prop. A fuel-injected 360 is an option for the -7 as is one of two Hartzell constant-speed props; the -7 can be built in tricycle- or conventional-gear form.

At the completion of the two-week program, the builders airplane remains unpainted but fully outfitted with avionics and interior complete.

Prices for the RV-7 start at $139,995 including the cost of the program itself, and range up to $180,232 with all the current options. An RV-10 starts at $189,995 and tops out at $218,770 with the top avionics package.

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