GRT Avionics Announces Instant Upgrade of 6.5-Inch Horizon WS to 7-Inch Horizon EX



GRT Avionics makes it easy to upgrade the 6.5-inch Horizon WS to the high-resolution, 7-inch Horizon EX with synthetic vision, enhanced moving map, and more. A drop-in replacement, the EX fits in the same mounting hole and typically requires no wiring changes. User settings can be copied from an existing WS into the EX with the settings backup function. No avionics experience is required.

Almost anyone can upgrade their panel in minutes. Pilots will find operation of the EX display unit practically identical to that of the WS they replaced. Features of the Horizon EX include:

  • Hi-resolution 800 x 480 1200-nit LCD display.
  • Synthetic vision shows terrain, obstacles and runways naturally and realistically.
  • Moving map with terrain relief, terrain awareness, weather and traffic data (via ADS-B input).
  • Bluetooth interface provides Android connectivity.
  • Synthetic approach with highway-in-the-sky guidance to any runway.
  • Moving map option using free U.S. database or Jeppesen worldwide database.
  • 6 serial ports.
  • Full graphical engine monitoring when connected to any GRT Engine Information System (EIS), with GRT exclusive EGT time history.
  • Full autopilot functionality—climb/descent, GPS LPV, ILS, synthetic approach coupling, heading select.
  • ADS-B display of traffic and weather option.
  • Flight director makes hand flying IFR simple and stress free.
  • Split-screen—one display can show everything.
  • Provides control head for Trig TT-22 transponder.

Special Show Pricing

During AirVenture and until August 8, 2016, the basic Horizon EX is $2,000, a $500 savings off the regular $2,500 price.

Available Options include a $275 touchscreen and an $800 internal AHRS/pitot-static/GPS, an easy way to add redundancy to an existing panel.

For more information, visit GRT Avionics at AirVenture at booth 3068 in Hangar C, or online at


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