AvMap Announces App and Web Portal for EngiBOX Integrated Engine Management System



AvMap has introduced an innovative service called EngiBOX Portal (engibox.avmap.it), where users can monitor the performance of their engine anytime and anywhere as an extension of EngiBOX, the engine monitoring system launched last year.

AvMap EngiBOX

EngiBOX is a compact EMS for Rotax engines, weighing only 8.8 ounces and fitting in a standard 3 1/8-inch panel hole. It displays engine parameters and warns you instantly if any value exceeds the engine’s limits. With an update rate of five times per second, EngiBOX monitors oil pressure, oil or air temperature, cylinder head or coolant temperature, revolutions per minute, exhaust gas temperature, manifold pressure and Hobbs meter.

ROTAX engine operating limits (Series 447, 503, 582, 618, 912, 912s and 914) are preconfigured in EngiBOX. Just select your engine model and EngiBOX will display operating range minimum and maximum values, including warning and alarm indications.

The EngiBOX App

EngiBOX stores the engine data log in internal memory (up to 160 hours). You can export engine data via Bluetooth using the free EngiBOX app for iOS and Android, and invite your favorite Rotax service center to analyze your engine data.



The EngiBOX Portal

On your EngiBOX Portal account, you can analyze trend graphs of the engine parameters for each flight. You can share the logs with your Rotax service center to get instant support for regular maintenance or in case of problems.

Rotax service centers can use the EngiBOX Portal to analyze the engine’s performance for maintenance and save the last overhaul date on the device. This way, the EngiBOX system benefits both users and service centers.

Any Rotax service center can join the program, while it’s up to the user to decide which service center to share data with. With the addition of the app and portal, AvMap EngiBOX becomes an integrated system to store, share and analyze engine data.

EngiBOX retails at 899 € taxes included. Special promotion for EAA AirVenture 2016, valid for purchases till July 31st: Get a $50 mail-in rebate. For more information visit avionics.avmap.it.


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